Urban gardening

The Victory Garden has been a staple of self-reliant thinkers since WWI. One of my earliest memories of my paternal grandmother is working in her garden. Although we lived in farm country with locally grown fresh produce readily available, my grandmother insisted on keeping a small garden due to her experiences during WWI and WWII.

My grandparents shortly after WWII

It’s interesting to see the concept of the Victory Garden now taking root, (get it? Root… you know, like plants? No?), in urban environments. Folks are viewing small gardens as a way to hack hunger by bringing nutritious food to areas that don’t have access to such foods, and I find that to be very cool. Any time someone wants to become more self-sufficient we should encourage them as much as possible. It can only benefit our community as a whole.
Check out CNN’s coverage of this movement.
If you don’t have a small garden at the moment, consider starting one. It’s good for the environment, you save some money in grocery bills, (long term), and you know exactly what was used to grow the plants you’re eating.

There’s a reason they call him Super

Super Dave Harrington doing what S-Dave does. Check it out, and get motivated. Maybe drag a treadmill onto the range and shake things up a bit. All hits, while moving. That’s how it’s done!



I talked to S-Dave about this clip and some of the backstory regarding this. One of the challenges of shooting on the move is the shooter will slow down to accommodate their vision, stabilizing the pistol, essentially taking it easy on themselves. Using a treadmill forces the shooter to keep the pace, and break the shot in a less than ideal moment. However, if we mount and stabilize the gun properly, see what we need to see to make the shot, and trust our technique we will be okay.

It’s incumbent upon us to find ways to challenge ourselves, and force ourselves out of our comfort zones. Only performance matters, and we should be ready to do whatever it takes to reach a higher performance level even if it is a little unorthodox.